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Yandex Money now supports Visa virtual cards!

Yandex Money now newly supports Visa virtual cards!

UPDATE: Physical cards are also supported!

Each person can currently hold one MasterCard and one Visa virtual card at the same time.

screenshot of webpage

screenshot of webpage

APP Screenshot

APP Screenshot


The virtual card opened this time is the card with the header 404841. The query Bin returns the following results for reference only.

Bin Information

Bin Information

You can experience this card, for now.It can be opened in the latest version of the app. The prerequisite is that you need to migrate your account to YooMoney (ЮMoney) in order to have the.

Screenshot of the new version of APP

Screenshot of the new version of APP

If you are using an older version of Yandex Money, please download the new version first (Alternate OneDrive download linkAfterwards, follow the instructions to migrate your account to YooMoney (ЮMoney).The information and balance in the account will remain as is and will not change!

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