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Cloudflare Chinese Customized Page Update-V3

Cloudflare Chinese customization page is updated, now the latest version is V3, welcome to update and use!

Instructions for use:

Open source address:

Demo Address: https://Chinese.Pages.Dev/


1.? Before deploying to your own site to use be sure to make the file hosted at your own to change the site (domain) name and email! ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Please directly edit and deploy the files in the V3 folder, this is the latest! The files in V1, V2 and OSS are for backup only, all the files in the OSS folder are backups of the Cloudflare source files, which can be directly requested from Cloudflare, no need to be hosted.

2.Major version update: V3 version was updated on 2022-2-19, removing the customization interface of 1000 (difficult to operate) and adding a hint of no cache.

3. Fixed the 5 second shield loop bug and the 5XX error typos as well as several bugs.

4. Please update to V3 if you are using V2 to solve the problem.

5. If JS/CSS access is slow, you can manually change the code in the Replace /cdn-cgi/ with your own domain name or just keep /cdn-cgi/, but note that if you only keep /cdn-cgi/, the deleted domain name will need to be hosted on your own Cloudflare cached domain name when you set up the customization interface, and then add it from your own link.

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