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Enabling Office 365 Mobile Device Management Tutorials

There are many users who have purchased security key products similar to Yubikey or Canokey and want to use FIDO Key in Windows to realize the Windows Hello function, but in theIntune Windows Hello Enterprise configuration page ( windowsEnrollment)When configuring it, it prompts 403 and can't be configured, how can I fix it?


The Intune feature does not work properly because the license for "Office 365 Mobile Device Management" in Microsoft 365 subscription is not assigned. However, most users will find that the checkbox of this feature cannot be checked in the administration background, and the message "This application has been assigned at the organization level. It cannot be assigned on a user-by-user basis. The corresponding function cannot be opened."

Unable to allocate licenses

The solution is simple, as long as you have this option in your subscription, you can enable this feature.

Using Microsoft 365 Business Basics as an example, follow these steps:

1. Go to;

Configuration Features

2. Click on the "Let's Get Started ➡️" button and wait for a while without refreshing the page;

Wait a moment, don't refresh the page

3. If everything is fine, within a few minutes the page will just be "Management equipment" button without clicking it;

"Management equipment"

4. Great job, you can close the page and go directly to theWindows Hello Enterprise configuration pageConfiguration is performed!

Successful allocation of licenses
You can refer to this diagram to configure the function

5. Next steps: Please visit the official help provided by Microsoft to complete all configurations (

Note: The 21 Vianet Blue Cloud version of Microsoft 365 also has a corresponding Intune feature and configuration page ( But since there is no option in most subscriptions to enable this feature, it will simply report an error and can only be enabled by purchasing an Intune subscription.


If an error occurs, please check the following and refresh to retry:

  • Availability of "Office 365 Mobile Device Management" feature in the subscription;
  • Whether there are service interruptions.

I hope this tutorial will help anyone who needs it.

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